The Pros and Cons of Shared Vs. Separate Room for Children

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Several kids stay together with their siblings in a single room, while some get individual rooms for themselves. This varies from house to house, depending upon the availability of rooms and the kids’ mentality. Let us discuss having shared versus single rooms for kids.

Pros of Living in the Same Room

There are several advantages of living in the same room, along with one’s siblings. Let us discuss some of them –

  • Siblings who share the same room tend to build a strong bond over time. Since they stay with each other most of the time, they become co-dependent on each other. This helps in maintaining their emotional stability and helps to mold them into perfect adults.
  • They learn the important lesson of sharing and co-existing. This quality will come in handy throughout their lives. If one doesn’t know how to share things and stay together, they may fall into major trouble in the future.
  • The kids learn that not everything in life will go according to their will. They learn to adjust with one another and not always to give priority to their whims.
  • Kids sharing a room get the golden chance of playing together. Playing is a very important part of one’s childhood. Even if someone lacks friends outside their home, they can stay in their room and play with their siblings. The memories made in this process are priceless. They last throughout one’s life.

Sharing Room for Children

Just like any other thing, sharing room for children isn’t devoid of cons. Let’s discuss some of the major disadvantages of sharing a room –

  • The biggest problem of shared vs separate room for children is that of privacy. If the siblings aren’t of the same gender, problems are even more visible. Things like changing clothes etc. become difficult to be done.
  • The age difference might give rise to many problems. If one sibling is a toddler while the other is in school, their schedule shall vary. The older sibling would not be able to play or do any such activities, disturbing the smaller one since most toddlers tend to sleep throughout the day.
  • In the teenage years, studying becomes an issue. One might be a night owl while the other might be an early bird. In this way, the coordination of time becomes difficult for both.

Whatever be the case, adjustment is important. Whether the siblings share their room or not, they need to learn to adjust and co-exist peacefully.


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