Cons of Having Long Curtains Prove Blinds Are the Best

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Windows are an essential part of every house. And so is the need to cover them. That’s what curtains and blinds are used for. They give the finishing touches to your home decor. But it isn’t easy to choose the window treatment, especially between these two. And that’s what brought you here. Undoubtedly, blinds are way better than long curtains. You must be curious about the reason. So, come, let’s have a look at the cons of having long curtains over the blinds. But before that, one needs to have a clear, distinct vision of them.

Blinds vs Curtains

curtainsCurtains: Window coverings that are made out of lightweight fabrics. The varieties of curtains are restricted to long curtains, which are basic and common. But don’t confuse them with drapes, which are much heavier than curtains.

Blinds: This model of window treatment comes in different varieties, which is an advantage. It offers you to choose the right type for your place.

  • Venetian blinds

Horizontal slats that allow you to control the light.

  • Vertical blinds

These blinds’ slats are made of plastic, stiffened fabric or wood and hang from a horizontal track. Usually used in sliding doors and long windows.

  • Roller blinds

These shades can be effortlessly rolled onto a horizontal rod.

  • Roman shades

These blinds are made of fabrics that fold up horizontally when rose.

You can easily understand who won this. Yeah, the blind; to make it more apparent, let’s see the disadvantagesof long curtains in a room.

Long curtain styles come with cons:

Selecting the right style of curtains for your room decor and requirements can be disputing as they come with their specific shortcomings.

  • Casement curtains

Also known as rod pocket curtains that can be used with blinds. But they are not endorsed for regular use, and neither can be used with traverse rods.

  • Eyelet or Grommet curtains

This is the most common type of curtains. The rods keep peeking out of grommets and cannot be used with traverse rods.

  • Tab top curtains

You might think of choosing this one. But that’s when the cons of having long curtains strike your mind. And these are difficult to draw and, thus, can’t be used regularly.

  • Pleated curtains

Different types of options are available for this, such as pinch, pencil, tuxedo, and so on. But the wrinkles make the curtain heavier.

  • Window scarf

These lose the real purpose as they are inefficient in blocking the light and are usable for endorsement only.

Take notes from these aspects and evaluate before buying window coverings. They have a great contribution to the overall look of your home decor. Don’t hesitate to choose the blinds; they meet your needs with elegance.


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