Easy Tips for Brightening a Dark Room

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Are you bored with your dark bedroom yet? The answer to this question may vary. Some people like a dark room while some do not. This article for the people who love the light shining on their faces through the windows. Suppose you have been living in a gloomy room. In that case, you have possibly at one point felt scared at night, felt frustrated with how sad the vibe inside it is, felt demotivated and uncreative due to the lack of light, wished for more sunlight, complained a hundred times, and finally, wanted to brighten the black hole up. Brightening a dark room may sound like something that only engineers or painters can do, but you can easily follow some steps.

How to brighten a dark room?

Mentioned below are a few tips and tricks that you can try to bring some light into your intrinsically dark room and to let some creativity flow in with the natural sunlight:

  • You can place a large mirror or a few little mirrors directly opposite or near the only source of light (like a small window)

This will reflect the little light available and spread it around the whole room, hence brightening it. Everyone has heard of this tactic often, and it does work well.

  • Light colors

You should pick light colors when choosing the wallpaper and the decor of the room. Light colored-furniture and walls automatically do the work of brightening a dark room without you having to do much.

  • Carpet or rug

Wrap your floor up with a light color carpet or rug to make the place look large and bright. Bright colors always do the trick.

  • White walls

White walls all the way! This is the best and the most proven trick to apply. Coloring your walls white always works; you can bet on it. It naturally radiates the room and makes it look vast.

clean windows

  • Clean windows

A regular cleaning of your windows will allow more light to enter the room as no dust will prevent it.

  • Pick low

lying furniture – Choosing heavy or tall furniture and stuffing it into the room will result in more shadows, which is worse for an already dark room.

Do these tips work?

These are some very easy ways to get more light room that work. All these ways are tried and tested by people who have suffered from dark rooms like you before.


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