Looking Out for Steps to Choose Bed for baby

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Whenever a baby is born, the excitement of every family member knows no bound. The innocent smile of a baby is enough to wipe away the tears of the saddest of a lot. Being very vulnerable, the family members must look after the baby and protect him from every harm. Finding the right baby crib is also a part of this protection. Let us discuss some of the important facts and figures about baby cribs first.

Baby Crib: Need and Facts

Baby crib means a bed specially meant for toddlers and young kids. It is usually used for kids aged 1 to 3. The word “crib” is mainly used in America. This concept is popular mainly in Western countries to habituate the toddler into sleeping alone. In this way, he won’t have a problem when he grows up and can easily sleep alone without his parents.

Baby Crib

A baby crib is made in the design of a cage; only the upper part is free. The sides of the Bed are blocked to protect the baby from falling. Some cribs have hanging toys over them, which help to entertain the baby and keep him engaged. Other than these, there are several minute details to be noticed before buying a baby crib. Thus, one needs to know about the steps to choose a bed for baby.

How to Choose a Baby Crib?

Safety must be the main concern while choosing a crib for the baby. Babies are generally extremely curious and tend to explore their surroundings. In the absence of a safe crib, they might fall or cause any such harm to themselves. Hence, let us follow these steps before buying a bed for the baby –


  • Firstly, cribs with drop rails should be avoided at any cost. Choose a well- covered and protected Bed. Make sure there isn’t anything sharp inside or outside the crib structure.
  • Measurement is another important factor. The crib must fit your baby. In case it doesn’t, it will make your baby more uncomfortable. The crib should be at least 26 inches above the floor, with the rails sparsely spaced. Once your baby grows enough, he should be sent to use a bed.
  • One can use small stuffed toys inside the crib to increase the comfortability factor of the baby. However, make sure you do not put in heavy blankets and pillows, which might turn harmful for the baby.


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