Discussing the Disadvantages of Living with Parents

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Parents are a very important part of our lives. Starting from giving us our lives to our upbringing, everything is done by them. If we fall ill, parents are the first people to get worried and take instant actions. They get happy about our success and sad about our failures. Without them, survival in this world becomes extremely complicated. Thus, their presence is very much needed.

Despite their importance in our lives, at some point, their presence might be disadvantageous in some ways. Let us discuss some disadvantages of living with parents.

child stays with parents

Culture of Living with Parents

This culture has been found in the ancient history of almost every civilization. The prime reason for staying together has been the herd mentality of human beings. As a family, the capability to protect each other is believed to be greater; hence children stay with their parents. Moreover, the costs of living are also reduced if the child stays with his parents. This culture is still now followed in South America, Africa, parts of Europe, and a major portion of Asia. Living at home with parents is widely seen in these places.

Disadvantages of Living with parents

No setup is free of flaws in this world. The idea of living with parents is no exception.

  • Privacy is a major concern while living with parents. The child usually doesn’t get the freedom to apply his will.
  • No matter how old you get, your parents will still treat you like a kid. Such behavior can have detrimental effects on the child’s personality. He will not know about the hardships of life and how to tackle them. All in all, this acts as a major hurdle to one’s complete development.
  • Calling over friends, having parties, etc. will not be possible. Your personal life may also get hampered in this way.


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